Complexion Step 1 Intensifier 200ml

Pure Tanning Lotions (non-bronzer): Complexion Step 1 Intensifier 200ml

☀️ "ComplexION" by California Tan
🏖 A complexion-correcting, luxurious, rich and sophisticated tanning lotion formulated to deliver a more intense, faster-acting, longer-lasting natural dark tanned colour to your skin.


$75.00 $47.50

Best: If you're looking for the absolute best tanning lotion for your skin- for fabulous, fast tanning colour and wonderful skincare, to build a fast, golden-brown natural tan and enhance your natural complexion.

Use it: If you're tanning outdoors or indoors in sunbeds or Sun Capsule stand-up tanners.

What it is:
- Step 1 pure tanning accelerator lotion
- Rich, luxurious tanning lotion with intense skin complexion supporting ingredients.

What it does:
- Achieve intense, faster-acting and longer lasting sophisticated tanned colour with ION Color Technology™
- C2 Complex™- a complexion-correcting complex helps improve skin tone and suppleness by supplying skin with enhanced flexibility and elasticity
- OxC Technology™ rejuvenates skin cells and provides skin with oxygen to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles
- Accelerate and build the ultimate golden tan with Vitatan®
- Indulge skin in extreme moisture with Cashmere Extract for the most opulent and flawless glow

How It Does It:
* C2 Complex™: Helps improve skin tone, suppleness and conditioned appearance with extreme moisturization
* OxC Technology™: Promotes skin respiration to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles
* ION Color Technology™: Increases cell longevity while offering a more intense, faster acting, longer-lasting, natural dark hue
* Vitatan®: Promotes and builds the ultimate golden color

Feel: Rich creamy lotion
Fragrance: Sheer Escape
Application: Apply Complexion onto body and massage into skin immediately prior to tanning.

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