About Us

Get Brown Tanning's involvement with the indoor tanning industry began in 1988, when the appropriately named Gabrielle and Paul Brown- through their company Larbro Holdings Ltd- began importing California Tan indoor tanning products. The first few lotions were the power-house brands- Maxgel, Maxlotion, and Rage Gel- formulated and made by the legendary Donald Christal. Christal's vision for California Tan was embraced by the tagline: Heliotherapy: The Positive Power of the Sun.

The Browns were already importing and distributing cosmetics and nail enhancement products in New Zealand, and through travel to overseas conferences, expos and events they established an early and strong relationship with California Tan. They also met Gene Charette, founder of Sun Capsule, Inc, and the maker of a uniquely fast and effective stand-up vertical tanning unit. A distributorship arrangement quickly followed, and over the next decade the Browns placed hundreds of units throughout Australasia. Faster, more hygienic, and more profitable for the operator- vertical tanning was fast gaining pace over the traditional lie-down sunbed experience.

Meanwhile, California Tan grew into the Number One in-salon lotion and accessory line in the world, with a range formulated in their dedicated science and research lab, encompassing all price points and formulations to enhance and enrich the indoor tanning experience. They also branched out into outdoor tanning lotions- with the wonderful SPF family of creams and sprays that is still so popular today. By the turn of the century the Browns had sold off their other interests to focus exclusively on the indoor tanning industry. Many trips to Europe and the USA ensued over the years, and many lasting co-operative partnerships and friendships were made.

Fast forward to today, the business is managed by the Browns' daughter Tiffany and her husband Rene. In recent years we've acquired exclusive distributorship of the Australian Gold range of tanning products. Such is their popularity, we find it quite a challenge to keep them in stock!