Epicurious Rose with Rose Oil + Rose Hips Step 1 15ml Packette

Pure Tanning Lotion Sachets: Epicurious Rose with Rose Oil + Rose Hips Step 1 15ml Packette

California Tan 'Epicurious Rose' is a Step 1 tan builder (bronzer-free) with Rapid Rouge Wonderland Intensifier for immediate colour satisfaction and the building of a fast base tan.

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What is it? California Tan "Epicurious Rose" Step 1 is a tan boosting accelerator lotion for use when a tanner is building an initial base tan.

When should I use it? Epicurious Rose Step 1 tanning lotion is suitable for use when tanning indoors in sunbeds or Sun Capsule stand-up tanners, or for sun-tanning outdoors.

What will it do? Chase away pale with this Rapid Rouge Wonderland Intensifier and experience an unbelievable tanning journey. This delectable blend of Cocoa-Pomegranate Butter and Rose Oil + Rose Hips delivers a fresh and instant rosy glow while leaving skin petal soft, deliciously fragrant and divinely dark. Smooth and perfect with advanced skin-nutrients from Plant Stem Science.

- Rapid Rouge Intensifier: A subtle, non-hot-action warming to the skin immediately after use
- Plant Stem Science: advanced skin nutrients
- Cocoa Butter
- Pomegranate Butter
- Rose oil and Rose hips: Rosy glow

Fragrance: Shrewsbury biscuit sugar
Feel: Light, enriching lotion feel, silky smooth

Application: Apply Epicurious onto body and massage into skin immediately prior to tanning.