Ambrosia 360 Step 2 15ml Packette

Pure Tanning Lotion Sachets: Ambrosia 360 Step 2 15ml Packette

California Tan "Ambrosia 360" Step 2 is a dark tan booster- a unique gel/lotion swirl with continuous anti-aging benefits.

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Best for: Those seeking long-term anti-aging effects and want to combine the tanning benefits of a gel and lotion
Use: Maximise an existing base tan for deeper, darker results while tanning indoors

- Vita C&E Renewal Factor: Advanced micro-release delivery system that provides continuous doses of age-fighting
- Vitamin C & E Vitamin C: Powerful antioxidant that helps fight lines and wrinkles by neutralizing free radicals
- Vitamin E: Antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals to prevent and diminish fine lines and wrinkles while softening and moisturizing the skin from within
- CuO2: An advanced tanning technology rich in copper peptides and oxygen to help energize the skin for deeper, darker tanning results
- TRF2000: Promotes the skin’s oxygen intake and helps enhance collagen production for younger-looking skin and amplified colour
- Caffeine Lifter: Promotes a firmer, more contoured appearance
- Rooibos Extract: Plant extract that is very rich in natural nutrients, including Vitamin C and favonoids that help smooth skin and protect the body from premature aging
- Meadowfoam: Helps lock in moisture in the skin for long-term hydration
- Biosaccharide Complex: Helps prevent after-tan odour

Feel: Unique gel and lotion swirl combination

Fragrance: Banana coconut

Application: Apply Ambrosia 360 Step 2 onto body and massage into skin immediately prior to tanning.

Get Brown Tanning says: Who doesn’t want SERIOUS ANTI-AGING from their tanning lotion? We’re all big fans of the Ambrosia range. The feel is lovely, the smell delicious, it’s such excellent value for money and we love the way you can see the lotion in the bottle so you know exactly how much is left! The bottle design is also great for not allowing too much oxygen at the lotion, meaning it stays fresh for longer.