Oasis Step 2 Lotion 15ml Packette

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California Tan "Oasis" Step 2 is a dark tan booster tanning accelerator lotion that will give you a fast, dark, long-lasting tan and exquisite-feeling skin.
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Best for: Those seeking the very best in performance tanning and premium skincare
Use: Maximise an existing base tan for deeper, darker results when tanning indoors in a sunbed or stand-up tanner

What it is:
- An oxygen-rich, tan-boosting and skin-rejuvenating treatment
- Light, non-greasy, quick-absorbing and hydrating formula
- Convenient, elegant pump with built-in protective closure

What it does:
- Advances deep, dark tanning results beyond the tanning plateau
- Provides nano-encapsulated, oxygen-infused peptides for a youthful glow
- Boosts tanning results, skin rejuvenation and skin respiration
- Provides powerful anti-aging benefits to prevent and diminish lines and wrinkles
- Firms, tones and regenerates skin for a youthful appearance
- Does not clog pores
- Helps prevent unpleasant after-tan odour

How It Does It:
* CuO2 Copper peptides & oxygen * TRF2000 collagen * NanO2 provides oxygen to improve skin respiration and support melanin production * Cellular Shield is a powerful anti-ager * Perilla Oil rich in essential minerals, vitamins, anti-acids * Grape Seed Oil defends against free radical damage * X-Treme Tanning Catalysi (XTC+) * Triple Cocoa Caffeine firms skin * Mango Silicone smoothes & hydrates skin * Biosaccharide Complex prevents after-tan odour

Feel: Advanced silicone-based soft-touch feel

Fragrance: Crisp Water Lily

Application: Apply Oasis onto body and massage into skin immediately prior to tanning.

Get Brown Tanning says: Oasis is a NEW lotion family in a class of its own. From its unique, sexy packaging (yes, we’re suckers for the packaging!) to the soft, hydrating feel and delicious fresh fragrance… our tanners have been going crazy for this one and we’ve seen some awesome results so far… this one’s a real winner!!!