Ambrosia 360 "Complete" Step 2 Bronzer 15ml Packette

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California Tan 'Ambrosia 360 Complete' is a Step 2 dark tan booster with duo decimus (12) bronzers AND Rapid Rouge complex for serious tanning to advance your natural base tan beyond the tanning plateau.
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What is it?
California Tan "Ambrosia 360 Complete" Step 2 Bronzer is a dark tan boosting tanning lotion with bronzers and Rapid Rouge complex.

When should I use it?
Use Ambrosia 360 Complete tanning lotion when you already have a 'base tan', to get your tan darker after the 'stall' of the tanning plateau. Ambrosia 360 Complete is suitable for use when tanning indoors in sunbeds or Sun Capsule stand-up tanners, or for sun-tanning outdoors.

What will it do?
A complete twist on continuous bronze perfection Ambrosia 360 Complete offers the complete "swirl-wind' of bronzing, skincare, and age defying properties. The triple combination of Ambrosia 360 Complete will leave your beautifully tanned skin feeling heavenly, dark, and youthful in appearance.

Duodecimus (12) Bronzers: Combination of bronzers that provide savoury, dark tanned colour
Rapid Rouge Complex: Offers skin a luminescent, radiant appearance immediately after tanning
Vita C&E Renewal Factor: Double age-fighting performance with micro-release
Caffeine Lifter: Promotes a firmer, more contoured appearance
CuO2 and TRF 2010: Maximises tanning results and boosts dark tanned colour

Fragrance: Banana Coconut
Feel: Unique gel/swirl combination
Application: Apply Ambrosia 360 Complete onto body and massage into skin immediately prior to tanning.