Pure Heat 250ml HOT Citrus Tingle Lotion

Tanning Lotions with Heat/ Tingle: Pure Heat 250ml HOT Citrus Tingle Lotion

It’s time to turn the heat up for intense hot color! Invigorate your tan with this Hot Citrus Tingle that willleave you breathless, while Tyrosine provides a beautiful, golden glow. A lavish Conditioning Complex soothes the tingling sensation to leave a flawless, flushed bronzed hue, while Hemp Seed Oil moisturizes for a tantalizing glow. Pure Heat will get you that intoxicatingly hot, flawless color!

  • Hot Citrus Tingle: High level of tingle blended flawlessly with Citrus for a sizzling flushed glow

  • Golden Glow: Powerful Tyrosine gives a natural bronze hue

  • Enticing Hemp Seed Oil: Conditions and moisturizes for a radiant, youthful glow
  • Condtioning Complex: Aloe Vera, Oils and Vitamins help soothe and moisturize for longer lasting dark color
  • Fragrance: CocoaDreams: top notes of Orange, Citrus & Banana; mid notes of Medley of Floral Rose

    & Fruity Coconut; dry notes of Sweet Vanilla


CAUTION! Hot Action lotions should ONLY be used by advanced tanners. The sensation caused by Hot Action lotions on the skin commonly feels like sunburn. It's important to know that the micro-circulatory benefit of hot action/ tingle products on the skin is more akin to exercise. Hot action effects are temporary, usually wearing off in 20 minutes to an hour, and non-damaging to skin. In fact, the circulatory boost is invigorating and beneficial for oxygen uptake.

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