Summer Love 15ml Sachet


Don’t let your unforgettable beach color be just a fling with this Delightful DermaDark® Bronzer that can be used daily to extend your color days longer. The Bikini Body Complex will have you flaunting what you’ve got while it tones and tightens for an unbelievably gorgeous silhouette. Exotic ingredients in the Desert Harvest Blend nourish and protect while the Vitalize Blend helps to alleviate dry skin and combat stress, leaving skin radiant. Now vacation color doesn’t have to just be Summer Love™, it can last all year round!


Product Type

* Delightful DermaDark® Bronzer

* Bikini Body Complex

* No sunscreens

* For indoor tanning in sun beds and stand-up tanners, and outdoor tanning with care


- Delightful DermaDark® Bronzer: A powerful, natural colour-enhancing blend for quick streak-free, dark tanning

- Bikini Body Complex: Tone and revitalize with this unique complex that helps to energize, brighten and improve overall your tanned skin's appearance

- Desert Harvest Blend: Decadent combination of exotic Australian ingredients that deeply nourishes and helps protect your skin for a long-lasting bronze tanned hue

- Vitalize Blend: Vitamins E, B5 and C help neutralize free radicals for a youthful, glowing tanned complexion

Fragrance: Tropical Sea Breeze, top notes of Sheer Mango, Iced Lemon Zest & Shredded Coconut; mid notes of White Jasmine, Crème Fraiche & White Papaya; and dry notes of Sandalwood, Creamy Vanilla, White Musks & Bamboo

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