Neutralizer Spray Odour Eliminator 175ml

Self Tanner Product CLEARANCE: Neutralizer Spray Odour Eliminator 175ml
Sick of STINKY DHA self-tan developing smells? Ewww, we were too, so this Neutralizer product was a GOD-SEND! It counteracts DHA self-tan developing odours and leaves skin feeling fresh and revitalised. Use it on your skin 20 minutes after application. Also makes a great room freshener!
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"I like lotions with bronzers in them but I don't like the 'after smell' it leaves, which can last hours and remain through a shower, so I find the Neutraliser spray is really great as it isn't too expensive, lasts well and actually works. It smells good and is cool and refreshing- a worthwhile product!" Kerry Bruce, Get Brown Tanner