Corrector Kit Lotion + Pumice

Self Tanner Product CLEARANCE: Corrector Kit Lotion + Pumice
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* Correct tell-tale "whoops!" sunless stains

* Specialty lotion & exfoliating pumice gently blends stains away on hands, wrists, feet, ankles, or anywhere you've slipped up with your self-tan application

Helps lift unwanted DHA self-tanner stains from the skin.

'Sunless Corrector Kit' by California Tan Sunless uses a unique Lifting Cream that blends Sea Salt for physical exfoliating action and citrus based ingredients for naturally derived stain lifting properties.

Rooibos and aloe extracts deliver essential moisturizing benefits for distressed skin.

Size: 60ml Lifting Cream Lotion
Plus: Pumice block

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