Revved Competition Cosmetic Bronzer 177ml Tube

Products for SUNLESS Tanning: Revved Competition Cosmetic Bronzer 177ml Tube

Revved by California Tan is a professional grade line of products for competition body builders. Cosmetic Bronzers is a light, beautifully fragranced replacement for 'Dream Tan' or 'Pro Tan' to use on the day of competition to colour, tan, tone and highlight your great body work. Good luck!

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Revved Cosmetic Bronzer gives you the ultimate edge for your body building competition! This is how:

PowerBoost® Compound A trio of ingredients, including Whey Protein, that energize skin for a more toned appearance, hydrate skin for long-lasting colour and impart additional proteins on the skin for the competition dark colour

Competition Ready Bronzers Cosmetic colour that remains on skin for 24 hours with minimal streaking and rub-off ensuring the integrity of the colour the day of your competition

Caffeine Provides skin with a toned and tightened appearance to support muscle definition

Fragrance: Midnight Tropics

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