CT Spraytan Solution- Dark Tinted 1 litre

Products for SUNLESS Tanning: CT Spraytan Solution- Dark Tinted 1 litre

Get the knock-out performance of the CT Color Perfecting Spraytan Solution and knock-out the others when it comes to Fast, Fabulous Spray Tans.

With the ingenious addition of Melanin for a truly natural-looking result!

$130.00 $60.00

* Paraben-free *
* Alcohol-free
* CT Instant Sunless Color Perfecting Solution is a paraben-free and alcohol-free Quick-Dry Formula spraytan solution that gives you the freedom to rinse off in 1-3 hours, with a fresh, sunny fragrance and flawless spraytan colour result that develops quickly and continues to develop for 6-8 hours.

'Dark' is our darkest formula, suitable for all skin types desiring a deep golden tan. The tinted formula 'shows where it goes' for ease of use for the spraytan technician.

- "One Hour" Formula: Scientifically formulated to achieve rich, long-lasting bronze colour in as little as one hour! The uniquely balanced Quick Dry formula gives you the freedom to Rinse Off within 1-3 hours without compromising the result of your spraytan. (*Note: the spraytan will continue to develop for up to 6-8 hours whether it is rinsed off or not.)
- Breakthrough Fragrance Technology: Eliminates odours at the source, replacing them with a fresh, sunny fragrance- with notes of citrus berry combined with musk and light woods to keep you smelling fresh and clean.
- Vitamin C: Helps neutralize free radicals, and supports collagen production
- DHA: The established effective tanning agent that provides fast tanned colour (30% more DHA than Medium Solution)
- Melanin: Enhanced with melanin to promote healthier skin and a deeper, more natural degree of tanning results
- Erythrulose: Natural sugar that gives an even coverage to the skin and provides longer lasting colour
- Aloe: Delivers healing, soothing, and moisturising effects to the skin, making your spray-tanned skin feel beautiful and smooth
- Alcohol Free Formulation: Promises to Not Dry Out Skin, allowing the antioxidant and moisture-enriched solution to leave your skin feeling smooth and silky to the touch
- Paraben Free Formula

Fragrance: fresh and sunny
Size: 1 litre
Expiry date: 6 months from date of opening

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