CT Limited Edition Sunless Ultra Moisturiser 235ml

Products for SUNLESS Tanning: CT Limited Edition Sunless Ultra Moisturiser 235ml

Experience The Sexy Side of Sunless® like never before with revolutionary formulas that only a skilled color expert can provide. Develop flawless colour with highend ingredients for a gorgeous tan and flawless skin!

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Rapid Hydration Blend-  Provides skin with immediate moisture that carries into the deeper layers of the skin providing an intense hydration
Delayed Hydration Complex-   A time release of moisturizing ingredients that allow for longterm skin hydration
Japanese Long Grass-   Rich in potassium, provides longlasting moisturization that imparts skin with a soft feel
Golden Jojoba Oil-   Absorbs easily into the skin for a deep hydration
Oat Oil-   High in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, oat oil works to nourish and protect the skin


Size: 235ml 
Fragrance: Sweet Sugar