California Tan MobileBronzer Handheld HVLP Spraytan Machine

Products for SUNLESS Tanning: California Tan MobileBronzer Handheld HVLP Spraytan Machine

The handheld spraytan service provider's ultimate tool.

Mobile Bronzer Handheld HVLP Spray Tan Machine
  • Fast, flawless "spray n' dry" application with HVLP (high volume, low pressure) delivers an 85% rate of spraytan solution transfer to the skin (compared to about 30% with traditional airbrush or compressor systems)
  • Apply a full body spraytan in under four minutes compared to 20-30 minutes with a traditional system
  • Fine, soft mist dries in seconds for a perfect spraytan
  • Pleasant tanner-preferred fragrance which masks nasty fake tan DHA odours
  • Easy to control spray gun delivers tailored client coverage for full body or partial body sunless tanning application and allows for spray customization for all body types
  • Variable speed control for adjustable spray solution flow AND drying speed options
  • MobileBronzer is light and small, and comes with a unique carry case for easy portability. Perfect for mobile spraytanning services!

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