No Apologies 250ml Tan Extending Shave Lotion

After-Tan Extenders & Sunbed Accessories: No Apologies 250ml Tan Extending Shave Lotion

Nicks, cuts, unsightly razor bumps…Shaving can have some undesirable side effects. Not to mention how quickly it can diminish the longevity of your tan! A sun kissed glow calls for smooth sexy skin. So what’s a Designer Devotee to do? Enter No Apologies! Formulated for sensitive skin, this tan extending shave lotion helps rid skin of stubble, while nourishing and protecting color. No Oops! No Ouch! No Apologies!

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Product Type:
* Tan Extending Shave Lotion
* Juice Base
* Fragrance: Papaya Passion

– Juice Evolution® Technology contains the antioxidant rich Superfruits, Passion Fruit and Sea Buckthorn Berries, with Sugar Cane to help condition, protect and soothe skin while shaving
– The silky smooth formulation creates a thin, lather-free layer on the skin, allowing for a closer shave with no irritation
– Contains Caffeine packed Coffee Bean Extract and a Shave Minimizer to promote sexy skin that’s smooth, toned and tightened
– Designed to be used on wet or dry skin.
- Hemp Free. Aloe Free. Sulfate Free.

This great product is also: * DHA and Erythrulose Free * Nut, Aloe, Hemp and Gluten Free * Not tested on animals