Expose Body Wash 235ml Tube

Sunbed Accessories & After-Tan Extenders: Expose Body Wash 235ml Tube

Extend, enhance and complete your tan with this Step 3 Luxe Body Wash.


Bask in the rich, skin nourishing hydration of Expose Luxe Body Collection. Dare to be beautifully bare and gorgeously bronze. Dare to Flaunt Truly Flawless, Golden Colour.... Undressed. This Sulfate-Free formula is fortified with thirst quenching Shea Butter for the ultimate experience in skin restoration. Smooth on Coconut Water and stand in the cool, spring, storm of Green Tea while you relax and treat yourself to a selfless, but guilty pleasure. Time stands still as you embrace your inner peace and outer beauty!

Suitable for: Tanners looking for a powerful tan extending body wash to saturate and extend colour, and anyone looking for exceptional anti-aging benefits and a deliciously fragranced, beautifully soft daily body wash gel.

Fragrance: Pomegranate Fizz Size: 235ml with fliptop lid Tan

Extender Features:
Step 3 Luxe Body Wash: Extends, enhances and completes your tan.
Sulfate-Free formula: Luxuriously cleans and clarifies while locking in nourishing moisture to offer skin the complete care it deserves
Shea Butter and Pumpkin Butter: Luscious combination that delivers healthy skin-soothing benefits.
CT Protect: Shields skin's youthful appearance with nutrients to prevent damage
Coconut Water: Drenches your tan in powerful, natural antioxidants
Paraben-Free formula: Helps your skin to perform at its peak by blocking it from free radicals

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