CT ID 7-in-1 Cleanser Body Wash 235ml

Tan Extenders: CT ID 7-in-1 Cleanser Body Wash 235ml

A fresh, clean daily body wash tan extender. Use in place of your regular soap wash to prolong tanning results and care deeply for your tanned skin.

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A clinically tested collection of dual-use products formulated to work together to help repair, hydrate and renew the skin. The CT ID collection utilizes clinically proven ingredients to address signs of aging while providing skin with an exquisite radiance.

•Extend, enhance and complete your tan with this 7-in-1 Cleanser

•CT ID™ Cleansing Technology gently cleanses while leaving skin refreshingly hydrated

•Utilizes a variety of Vitamins to assist in neutralizing free radicals and help keep collagen from degrading

•Provides skin with the vital nutrients and energy to develop deeper tanned colour results with Vitatan+

•CT-Protect+ helps preserve skin's youthful appearance with nutrients that help prevent damage

•Gentle enough for sensitive and delicate facial skin