Tan Extenders

Extend and enhance the life of your Get Brown tan with moisturising tan extender products. Exceptional skincare- these lotions and body washes are tanning must-haves! These luxurious after-tan lotions & washes help you keep your tan gorgeously golden for longer. Delivering essential hydration to tanners' skin, they should be used every day after showering or bathing.

  • Expose Body Wash 235ml Tube $35.00
    Bask in the rich, skin nourishing hydration of Expose Luxe Body Collection. Dare to be beautifully bare and gorgeously bronze. Dare to Flaunt Truly Flawless, Golden Colour.... Undressed. This Sulfate-Free formula is fortified with thirst quenching Shea Butter for the ultimate experience in skin rest...more »
  • Forever After Tan Extender 650ml Pump Bottle $29.00
    You worked hard for your tan, now keep it Forever After®. This intensely moisturizing lotion features a triple action anti-wrinkle, firming and slimming complex and Hemp Seed Extract for unparalleled tan extending results and a warm, creamy vanilla fragrance to entice your senses.
  • No Apologies 250ml Tan Extending Shave Lotion $25.00
    Nicks, cuts, unsightly razor bumps…Shaving can have some undesirable side effects. Not to mention how quickly it can diminish the longevity of your tan! A sun kissed glow calls for smooth sexy skin. So what’s a Designer Devotee to do? Enter No Apologies! Formulated for sensitive skin, t...more »
  • Tiny Bubbles 470ml Tan Extending Body Wash & Bubble Bath $35.00
    Splish, Splash! Wash your worries down the drain, not your beautiful tan! Lather up this rich and creamy formula to gently cleanse away dirt, oil and other impurities, while a nourishing blend of Natural Oils help to moisturize skin and protect bronze color. Follow up bath time with your favorite De...more »
  • Black Legacy 470ml Silicone Tan Extender $45.00
    Countless imitators have come and gone, but a legacy is never forgotten. So make your mark on the world and impart the ultimate, long lasting bronze legacy with the breakthrough technology in this legendary Tan Extender. Push your color past its darkest tanning potential with a touch of DHA while Si...more »
  • CT ID 7-in-1 Cleanser Body Wash 235ml $36.00
    A fresh, clean daily body wash tan extender. Use in place of your regular soap wash to prolong tanning results and care deeply for your tanned skin.
  • Hemp Nation Sea Salt & Sandalwood Tan Extender 535ml Pump Bottle $25.00
    Keep your summer memories and that gorgeous tanned colour all year round! Refresh and relax with this Summer by the Sea Blend that hydrates and tones for a smooth, glowing complexion. 
  • Hydrate by G Gentlemen $25.00
    Top off that golden G color the right way with this multitasking, fast absorbing and ultra-hydrating tan extender. First, intensely hydrate the skin with a unique blend of silicones that lock moisture to the skin while providing a velvety after-feel.
  • Designer Skin Juicy 470ml Moisturiser $45.00
    Fresh picked and fabulously juicy! This weightless, spreadable juice-base will revive skin with a combination of Passion Fruit and antioxidants. Formulated to be quick-drying and non-greasy, this daily moisturizer is infused with a skin nourishing blend of Chamomile and Safflower Oil for continuous ...more »
  • Hemp Nation Hibiscus & White Peach Tan Extender 535ml Pump Bottle $25.00
    Enjoy a walk through the sun-filled orchards with Hemp Nation® White Peach & Hibiscus.