Skinny Hypoalllergenic Dual Intensifier/ Body Sculpting Cream 15ml

SMALL SIZE Lotions: Packettes, Sachets: Skinny Hypoalllergenic Dual Intensifier/ Body Sculpting Cream 15ml

Bare Science "Skinny" by California Tan is a dual use tanning lotion bronzer and firming skin lifter/smoother lotion for use to enhance tanning sessions and any time for firmer, slimmer-looking skin.

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Created with the philosophy that choosing great skincare should be as easy as choosing great colour, Bare Science offers a line of hypoallergenic products that promise to leave you looking as sexy as glamorous, simple science can get: Simply Sexy and Perfectly Bare.

Who is this product for? Anyone who is looking for a multi-use product that can be used prior to tanning sessions, as a daily moisturising bronzer and/or as a night-time use intensive toning body sculpting cream- to get better tanning results while hydrating, bronzing, toning and tightening the skin.

What does this lotion do? This potent Hypoallergenic Dual Use Intensifier gives you a boost of flattering bronze colour, while SkinniDip Technology sculpts and tones, leaving your skin looking seductively slim. To calm the skin and for faster results, use nightly, focusing on those trouble areas.

Product Features:
* Dual Use Body Sculpting Intensifier
* Hypoallergenic
* SkinniDip Technology: Tones and tightens utilizing a unique, natural feel and coffee bean extract
* TRF2010 & CuO2: Helps to further advance golden tanning to a delectably dark state

Fragrance: Underwater Garden with notes of mango and coffee

Size: 15ml Packette sachet (good for at least one full-body application)