Metro 365 Step 2 Bronzer 15ml Packette

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California Tan "Metro 365" Step 2 Bronzer is a dark tan booster for sunbed or outdoor tanners to advance tanning beyond the tanning plateau with fast-acting self-tanner bronzers added for immediate gratification, while protecting skin from environmental skin stress.

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Metro 365 Bronzer is a Step 2 bronzer tanning accelerator lotion (no heat) for tanners advancing their tan beyond the tanning plateau when tanning indoors in a sunbed or Sun Capsule, with an added kick of self-tanner (fake tan) to even out your golden bronzed colour. Metro 365 improves collagen production for faster tanning, with black walnuts and ginseng root extract, as well as technologically advanced tan boosting and skincare ingredients to care for your skin while encouraging a darker, more beautiful golden tan to look amazing AND protect you against over-exposure. Natural DHA bronzers go to work quickly- giving you a lovely golden glow just 2-4 hours after tanning.

- Biodynes 03: Biotechnological ingredient that offers DNA protection, free radical protection, lipid barrier protection and repair, and protection of tan-balancing antioxidants. Offers a new definition of skin protection called the "Ozone Protection Factor"
- Melscreen: Powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger; antipollution active; improves the capital energy of skin cells; improves collagen production for better sun-tanning
- CuO2: An advanced tanning technology rich in copper peptides and oxygen to help energize the skin for darker, more beautiful tanning results
TRF2000: Promotes the skin’s oxygen intake and helps enhance collagen production for younger-looking skin and amplified colour

Fragrance: Clean breeze
Feel: Satiny-smooth, fast-absorbing lotion