HD Mann Step 2 Lotion 15ml Packette

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California Tan "HD Mann" tanning lotion is a Step 2 bronzing formula with for rich, dark colour and a sexy masculine fragrance.

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Best for: Men (or lovers of masculine scents) seeking the ultimate in performance tanning and premium skincare Use: Go beyond your existing base tan for deeper, darker results while tanning indoors in a sunbeds or Sun Capsule stand-up tanners, or when tanning outdoors in the sun What it is: - The first lotion developed especially for men in the California Tan line - An addition to the HD 'High Definition MelaPixel' Tanning Technology family - Serious tanning with serious skincare especially designed for more rugged male skin - Quick-absorbing, light and very hydrating - Easy, lockable pump dispenser design Tanning Lotion Features: Quartus Decimus (14) Bronzers: Offers skin rich, dark colour Energen Complex: High Definition Tanning Technology: Provides flawlessly natural bronze colour MelaPixel Technology: Helps achieve even, peak bronze performance standards with streak-free perfect colour CuO2 and TRF2010: Maximizes the skin’s tanning potential during every step of the tanning process * Does not clog pores * Helps prevent unpleasant after-tan odour Feel: Light, hydrating Fragrance: Sexy masculine cologne Application: Apply HD Mann onto body and massage into skin immediately prior to tanning.