Get Bronze! Step 1 Bronzer Lotion 15ml Packette

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Try out the lotion with this handy 15ml size sachet.

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Best for: Tanners looking for faster, darker tanning results, immediate colour, intense moisturization and a tropical fragrance
Use: When building a base tan outdoors or indoors in a sunbed

- Double Bronzer: Double dose of proprietary Bronzextend, a light self-tanner, for an extra boost of immediate, natural-looking colour in 2-4 hours
- Tea Complex: Natural extracts of green, white and black tea that are rich in antioxidants and caffeine to help reduce lines and wrinkles, promote firmer skin and boost tanning results
- Vitatan 2000: Contains an exclusive combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, oxygen and energy to activate and accelerate the skin’s natural ability to produce a tan
- Biosaccharide Complex: Helps prevent after-tan odour

Feel: Moisture-rich lotion

Fragrance: Tangerine creamsicle

Application: Apply Get Bronze Step 1 Bronzer onto body and massage into skin using circular motions immediately prior to tanning. Wash or wipe hands after application.

Get Brown Tanning says: The Get Tan! Collection is a fantastic introduction to tanning accelerators… you’ll love the fruity smell, moisturizing feel and boosted tanning results you get from these lotions!