Bronze Rhapsody Step 2 Bronzer Lotion 15ml Packette

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California Tan "Bronze Rhapsody" Step 2 is an advanced bronzer tanning lotion for tanners looking to boost their tanning results beyond the tanning plateau when tanning in a sunbed or stand up tanner, or when outdoor tanning.

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We all want to look better in our swimwear! Now we can with this inspired dark tanning system born of the sea and fortified with a sea inspired extract. Mineral-rich and easily absorbed by the skin, AquaTherapy is both cleansing and nourishing, making it an effective tool in cellulite reduction and detoxification. The California Tan 'Boho Beach Collection' is for sun gods and goddesses who demand healthy, toned skin and bare-it-all vibrantly dark colour.

Product Features:
- Quartus (4) Bronzers with Rapid Rouge formula
- Step 2 Dark Tan Booster
- Fragrance: Beach Breeze

Product Technology
- Quartus (4) Bronzers: Exclusive to California Tan, this blend of bronzing agents includes DHA, non-DHA and melanin activating peptides for a fabulous bronze result
- AquaTherapy: Complex blend of Venuceane and Aquaporins to help prepare skin to develop radiant colour and deliver stunning tanning results
- Bikini Science: Caffeine-infused to energize and firm skin for improved performance and texture
- Rapid Rouge: A revolutionary complex that ensures instantaneous tingle-free colour