UV Lamp 160watt

160watt standard Cosmedico VHR lamp for use with Sun Capsule brand vertical tanners. Can also be used with other sunbed equipment requiring 160watt strength bulbs. Please note lamps ship in a minimum quantity of 6, and an additional $50 shipping charge applies NZ-wide.
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Either lamp will suit

Hi Deb, thanks for contacting us. Either the new 160watt or the recycled 160watt lamp will suit your Sun Capsule SCI-40lamp unit. The new lamps will have a delivery delay at present so you might be better to choose the recycled ones- http://www.getbrown.co.nz/shop/lamps/recycled-uv-lamp160watt if it's urgent Recycled lamps will ship right away. Any other questions let us know - email [email protected] or phone us on 09-579-3495. Thanks!
can you please let me know what sort of bulbs our bed use . we have currently got our stand up capsule that was in lower hutt and and we are in need of 6 bulbs for this. many thanks configure express upper hutt.

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