HD Fatale Step 2 Hot Bronzer 205ml Bottle

HOT Lotions: Advanced Tanners Only!: HD Fatale Step 2 Hot Bronzer 205ml Bottle

California Tan's 'HD Fatale' Step 2 Hot Bronzer lotion is a hot/tingle tan booster for advanced tanners looking for their deepest darkest tanning results beyond the tanning plateau, with added bronzers and firming ingredients.

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Who is it for? HD Fatale is for tanners with an existing base tan looking to push their tan further beyond the tanning plateau. You must be prepared to feel maximum heat/ tingle effect after your tanning sessions!!

What it does:
- Drapes skin in a famously hot and hydrating Hot Action Venti [20] Bronzer formula with Furious Complex™ – to deliver remarkable dark colour and an enhanced reddening sensation to skin
- Show off your most glorious attention-getting tan with Color Blast Infusion™ to powerfully enhance rapid and long-lasting tanning development
- Boast a scene-stealing, dark tan with streak-free High Definition Melapixel™ Tanning Technology
- CuO2® and TRF™ combines rich ingredients to optimize dark tanning results
- Hydrates skin and helps reduce muscle fatigue with Suma Extract while Vitamin C helps reduce fine-lines and wrinkles

Fragrance: Sweet Intensity Strawberry
Feel: Silky-soft lotion