Tropic Surge 250ml Bottle

Emerald Bay: Tropic Surge 250ml Bottle

* Emerald Bay "Tropic Surge"
* A hypoallergenic intensifer tanning lotion
* Use this if you want a fast natural tan and great skincare!

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PRODUCT FEATURES: Safflower Oil: Antioxidant moisturises your skin Agave Nectar: Enriched with premium skin care concentrates and fortified with nutritive vitamins to provide you with supple skin and a healthy-looking tan Shea Butter: Hydrate and smooth skin for lavish tanning results Caffeine: Energises and firms your skin for improved tone and texture Eco Smart Sealed: 100% recyclable bottle, cap and label. The label has been produced with 30% less material. Best: If you have sensitive or normal skin and you're looking for fast, dark tanning results Use: When tanning outdoors at the beach or indoors in a sunbed or stand-up tanner Feel: Creamy lotion Fragrance: Fragrance Free Comes with: Beachy bracelet/anklet in plaited cord with starfish charm Application: Apply Tropic Surge onto body and massage into skin prior to tanning. Get Brown Tanning says: Perfect addition to the Emerald Bay range- this lotion is for YOU if you ever suffer from skin irritation from using products.