Dark Escape 15ml Packette

Emerald Bay: Dark Escape 15ml Packette

* Emerald Bay "Dark Escape"
* A hypoallergenic intensifer tanning lotion
* Use this if you want a fast natural tan and great skincare!

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Dark. Exotic. Intense. Take your skin on a tropical trip with this tantalizing Hypoallergenic Intensifier. This fruity cocktail feeds your skin tan-loving nutrients with Agave Nectar® while Balm Mint helps protect your skin. Infuse skin in refreshing Coconut Oil for extreme hydration and a silky, smooth exotic glow.

* Agave Nectar®: Enriched with premium skincare concentrates and fortified with nutritive vitamins to provide supple skin and deeper, healthy-looking tan
* Balm Mint: Helps protect tanned skin from free radical damage
* Coconut Oil: Hydrates, nourishes and refreshes your tanned skin
* Vitatone: Contains energizing properties to help restore vitality to tanned skin

Best: If you have sensitive or normal skin and you're looking for fast, dark tanning results

Use: When tanning outdoors at the beach or indoors in a sunbed or stand-up tanner

Feel: Creamy lotion

Fragrance: Fruitini  

Application: Apply Dark Escape onto body and massage into skin prior to tanning.