HD Mann Complete Body Wash & Shampoo 235ml

California Tan: HD Mann Complete Body Wash & Shampoo 235ml
"HD Mann Complete" by California Tan is a Step 3 extender body wash and shampoo for daily at-home use designed with men in mind to prolong great tanning results while cleansing, nourishing & invigorating your skin and hair.
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Best for: Men (or lovers of masculine scents) seeking the ultimate in dual-use Step 3 tan extending products with premium skincare
Use: Daily at-home use, after the gym, swim or anytime after bathing

What it is:
- The first Step 3 extender developed especially for men in the California Tan line
- An addition to the HD 'High Definition MelaPixel' Tanning Technology family
- An invigorating Body Wash and Shampoo with serious skincare especially designed for more rugged male skin & hair
- Deep cleansing formula lathers quickly and supplies invigorating menthol for a stimulating touch
- Easy-to-use flip-lid tube

Step 3 Extender Body Wash/Shampoo Features:
Energen Complex: Supplies skin with the necessary energy to help prevent and combat the signs of aging
High Definition Tanning Technology: Maintains a flawlessly natural bronze tan
CT Protect: Shields skin's youthful appearance with nutrients to prevent damage
Menthol: Triggers a cooling sensation when applied to the skin

Feel: Clean, foaming gel with a Deep Cleansing formula

Fragrance: Sexy masculine cologne

Size: 235ml Tube