Moroccan Spice Step 2 Bronzer 15ml Packette

Bronzer Tanning Lotion Sachets: Moroccan Spice Step 2 Bronzer 15ml Packette

Matahari by California Tan presents 'Moroccan Spice', a firming and age-defying Step 2 tan accelerator with sensuous bronzers and rich natural extracts for a tantalizing advanced tan beyond the tanning plateau.

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What is it? Matahari "Moroccan Spice" Step 2 Bronzer is an advanced dark tan booster with sensuous, exotic bronzers and luxurious, heady ingredients for an amazing tanning experience.

When should I use it? Use Moroccan Spice tanning lotion when you have reached a base tan and you want to get darker, or maintain your level of tan. Step 2 technology allows you to deepen an existing base tan more quickly, reducing your total necessary UV exposure time. Moroccan Spice will give you more 'bang' for your tanning 'buck', and is suitable for skin types 2-6 to use when tanning indoors in sunbeds or Sun Capsule stand-up tanners, or for sun-tanning outdoors.

- Exotically Sensuous Bronzers: Containing Henna Extracts to drench skin in undeniably dark colour
- Turmeric and Saffron: Impart exotic colour to leave skin with a sun-kissed glow while helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- Agave Extract: Clarifies skin's appearance for a radiant tanned glow H
- emp Seed Oil and Cocoa Seed Butter
: Luxurious blend that instantly smoothes, softens and richly hydrates skin while providing essential fatty acids for deeper, darker, longer-lasting tanning results
- CuO2 and TRF2010: The California Tan world famous secret for over ten years: help to further advance your golden suntan beyond the tanning plateau

Fragrance: Honey & Ancient Pepper

Feel: Rich, creamy lotion with a surprisingly light feel that absorbs quickly and easily leaving no greasy after-feel

Application: Apply Moroccan Spice onto body and massage into skin immediately prior to tanning. Wash or wipe hands after tanning.