Kardashian Glow Naturally Dark Bronzer 15ml Sachet


A luxe natural (DHA free) bronzer tanning lotion formulated to give you a Kardashian-worthy golden natural tanning glow for use when sun-tanning in sunbeds or outdoors.

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"Get stunning color that is all your own! This natural bronzer utilizes exotic ingredients to achieve a gorgeous glow. A special blend of Vitamins and Natural Oils work to nourish from within, while the Toning Blend adds the finishing touches to your flawless skin. Who says natural can’t be glamorous? Bronze perfection with a kiss of Kardashian!" Love, Kourtney, Kim & Khloé

Since 2007, the Kardashian sisters have taken the world by storm with their fashion forward looks and vivacious personalities. For years millions of fans wanted to get that "Kardashian Glow" and now they can!

Product Details

* Luxe Natural Bronzer

* Eco Glam Base

* Fragrance: Sweet Desire

* Size: 15ml sachet


– Natural Bronzers feature a combination of Fava Bean, Babchi and Caramel to provide streak-free tanned colour without the use of DHA

– Improve skin’s appearance with an abundance of Vitamin C and antioxidants found in the Toning Blend

– Eco Glam Base™ formulated to be free of Parabens, Hemp, Gluten, Aloe, Silicone and Surfaces: perfect for producing the tanned colour you want without the ingredients you don’t!

– Let all your worries melt away with the flirtatious Sweet Desire fragrance!

This tanning lotion is: * DHA and Erythrulose Free * Aloe, Hemp and Gluten Free * Paraben Free * Not tested on animals