Tekton Step 2 Bronzer Lotion 205ml Bottle

Bronzer Tanning Lotion Bottles: Tekton Step 2 Bronzer Lotion 205ml Bottle

 California Tan "Tekton" tanning lotion is a Step 2 bronzing formula for a rich, dark tan with a unique light-weight formula.

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Best for: Tanners seeking the ultimate in performance tanning and premium skincare with dark bronzed results.

Use: Go beyond your existing base tan for deeper, darker results while tanning indoors in a sunbeds or Sun Capsule stand-up tanners, or when tanning outdoors in the sun.

What it is:

- Tektōnic Technology™ helps increase the number of epidermal stem cells for more youthful looking skin
- Naturally increase circulation and develop deep dark color with DHA and BronzeActiv™
- Cocoa Extract helps protect skin against damage and provides a firming and slimming effect to skin
- Enrich skin in moisture and help diminish fine lines and wrinkles with Vitamin A and B
- CuO2® and TRF™ combine rich ingredients to optimize dark color results
- Quick-absorbing, light and very hydrating
- Easy-to-use pump dispenser design bottle with lid provides airless packaging for maximum product use

Tanning Lotion Features:

- Tektōnic Technology™ : Increases and replaces epidermal skin cells for youthful looking skin
- BronzeActiv™: Activates dormant melanocytes to help develop dark color results
- Cocoa Extract: Contains skin conditioning and firming properties
- Vitamin A and B: Antioxidant rich vitamins that help neutralize free radicals and diminish fine lines and wrinkles
- CuO2 and TRF2010: Help to further advance bronze color to a delectably dark state

* Does not clog pores * Helps prevent unpleasant after-tan odour

Feel: Unique light-weight formula

Fragrance: Sensual citrus

Application: Apply Tekton onto body and massage into skin immediately prior to tanning.