Luminous Step 2 Bronzer 250ml Bottle

Bronzer Tanning Lotion Bottles: Luminous Step 2 Bronzer 250ml Bottle

'Luminous' by California Tan is a Step 2 bronzer lotion to advance your natural tan with antioxidants and toning agents to support the skin and tan-accentuating bronzers.

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Complement melanin oxidation by saturating skin with intense moisture and hydration for a longer lasting tan, while firming botanicals and phospholipids provide a younger-looking 'Luminous' silhouette.

- Indulge skin in OmniBronze™ & DHA bronzers to enhance and extend lavish tanned skin
- Toning Agents fortified with Caffeine encourage firmer-looking contours and promote skin elasticity
- Gold of Pleasure Oil and Hemp Seed Oil envelop skin with hydration for a longer lasting glow
- White Birch Bark and Green Tea contain anti-aging properties to help improve skin complexion and fight fine lines and wrinkles
- CuO2® and TRF™ combine rich ingredients to optimize dark color results

Suitable for: Tanners looking for excellent value tanning accelerator lotion technology, to advance tanned results beyond the base tan/ tanning plateau with fabulous anti-aging benefits and tan-accentuating bronzing results

Fragrance: Iris Spa

Size: 250ml lockable flip-top lid bottle

Tanning Lotion Features:
Omnibronze(TM): Helps stimulate, enhance and extend dark tanning results while protecting from oxidative damage
Caffeine: Wake up skin! Energizes and firms skin for improved tone, performance and texture
Gold of Pleasure Oil: Acts as an anti-aging and hydrating agent to help improve skin elasticity
White Birch Bark: Antioxidant helps neutralize free radicals and prevent fine lines and wrinkles
Vitatan 2010: Promotes and builds the ultimate golden tan