#Bronze Step 2 Natural Bronzer 250ml Bottle

Bronzer Tanning Lotion Bottles: #Bronze Step 2 Natural Bronzer 250ml Bottle

* "#Bronze" Step 2 Dark Tan Booster by California Tan
* Update your status to 'Bronze' with this fast-acting, great value dark tan booster with gentle no-streak natural bronzers.

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Best: If you're looking for fast, economical tanning results with subtle self tanner help, and you're just starting out tanning

Use it: If you're tanning outdoors or indoors in sunbeds or Sun Capsule stand-up tanners

What it is:
- Step 2 dark tan booster natural bronzer tanning lotion

What it does:
- InterAge™ Complex reinforces barrier function supplying subtle moisture for anti-aging benefits and dark results
- Coffee Bean Extract responsible for anti-oxidant activity protecting against free radicals
- Optimize results and boost dark color with Cu02™ & TRF™

How It Does It:
- InterAge™ Complex: Helps improve skin moisture, elasticity, and firmness and energizes skin with help of caffeine
- Coffee Bean Extract: Helps to reduce free oxygen radicals in the body
- CuO2 ™ & TRF™: Maximize results and boosts dark tanned color

Size: 250ml bottle
Fragrance: Sea mist