CT Three-In-One Towelette

Self Tanner AT-HOME Products: CT Three-In-One Towelette
3-in-1 Towelette by California Tan combines a cleanser, exfoliator and buffer for freshly prepared skin to be used immediately prior to a self-tan or spraytan application for radiant results.
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* CT Three-in-One Towelettes by California Tan are a Sunless Step 1 'Prepare' product

- Combines the power of a mild cleanser, exfoliator and gentle butter to reveal clean and fresh skin prepped for dark sunless tanning colour
- Green Tea acts as a powerful antioxidant to refresh the skin and reduce the signs of aging
- Soothing Aloe Vera calms and hydrates the skin for positively radiant results

CT 3-in-1 Towelette Technology
Sugar Cane and Seaweed: A blend that offers enhanced moisturisation while it exfoliates
Aloe Vera: Moisturises and nourishes skin for an incredible after-feel
Green Tea & Witch Hazel: Green Tea serves as an antioxidant for the skin while Witch Hazel gently cleanses

Size: 5.5ml
Step: 1, Prepare
Fragrance: Fresh, sunny fragrance with notes of berry, musk and light woods