CT Instant Sunless Lotion 177ml Tube

Self Tanner AT-HOME Products: CT Instant Sunless Lotion 177ml Tube
Develops rich bronze gold tanned colour in a silky-smooth gel lotion format for fabulous sunless tanning in as little as 4 hours.
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* CT Instant Sunless Lotion by California Tan is a Sunless Step 2 'Develop' product
* Lightweight, gel-lotion slides over skin for a silky-smooth finish
* Increased DHA potency gradually develops rich bronze tanned colour
* Breakthrough fragrance technology eliminates odours at the source
* Vitamin C and Vitamin E brighten and protect skin for longer lasting results

CT Instant Sunless Lotion Technology
Bronzextend Blend: Adds the perfect touch of DHA and Erythrulose to prolong radiant tanning results
Fragrance Technology: Eliminates odours at the source leaving only fresh fragrance
Vitamin C: Antioxidant and nourishing ingredient that reveals brighter-looking tanned colour
Vitamin E: Protects skin from free radicals

Size: 177ml
Step: 2, Develop
Fragrance: Fresh, sunny fragrance with notes of berry, musk and light woods