Color Perfecting Ultra Dark Tinted Instant Sunless Solution Sample

Body Building Competition Tanning: Color Perfecting Ultra Dark Tinted Instant Sunless Solution Sample
Experience The Sexy Side of Sunless® with Color Perfecting Complex™. This scientifically formulated solution develops color like never before by flawlessly matching every skin tone. One solution. All skin tones. Perfect results.
NZD $20.00
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The Natural Colorant Blend develops bronze spray-tanned colour that flawlessly matches every skin tone 

Cosmetic Bronzers provide instant, intense colour

Enjoy a radiant complexion longer with Aloe Vera and Triple Moisture Sensation, a hydrating combination of moisturizing agents that restore and soothe skin resulting in long lasting, uniform tanned colour

Ultra Dark Solution answers the demand for a darker, longer-lasting sunless tan, offering one solution that is compatible with all skin tones.

- Color Perfecting Complex™
- Natural Colorant Blend: Anti-oxidant rich blend of seven natural colorants that enhances and darkens skin’s organic colour and conceals imperfections
Triple Moisture Sensation: Blend of ingredients that lock in moisture triggering a hydration that reaches deep into skin
- Bronzextend® Blend: DHA and Erythrulose provides skin with a gorgeous, bronze hue
- Caramel: A natural, cosmetic bronzer that shows immediate colour
- Aloe Vera: Soothes, heals and moisturizes skin for longer-lasting tanned colour
- Bronzing Power Boost: A high level of specially combined bronzing ingredients, both delayed and immediate, ensure ultra dark tanned colour
Breakthrough Fragrance Technology: Eliminates odours at the source, replacing mal-odour with a Fresh & Sunny fragrance