World Organics Task Force Nine Calendula & Turmeric Cream

World Organics Skincare & Makeup: World Organics Task Force Nine Calendula & Turmeric Cream

Our popular Calendula Cream is an incredible multi-tasker, an all-in-one organic cream that assists in relieving and soothing dried, chapped and troubled skin. The perfect companion for your bathroom first aid kit or your travel bag, the Calendula Cream not only benefits from Calendula’s wonderful antioxidant properties, but also Turmeric’s antiseptic and antibacterial uses.


Made with 78.40% Organic Ingredients

100% Natural Ingredients

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  • "Calendula cream is so smooth and enriching!" - Tara L

  • "The calming calendula cream is a favourite in our house. It works like magic on my two young girls and I love knowing it’s packed with safe and healing ingredients." - Tracey B

  • "I just followed up with a customer who bought our Calendula Cream to soothe her inflamed skin from radiation treatment and surgery for skin cancer . She is so grateful for the recommendation and follow up .. It has been amazing for her !" - Helen P.

  • "My father-in-law has had a rash on his back for a few months and has been using steroid creams from the Dr which haven’t helped. When he gets in the shower the water reacts with the rash and it is very itchy. He can’t sleep at night and is uncomfortable with it. I suggested the Calendula Cream but he isn’t open to trying alternative products much. Then last week my mother-in-law asked me about the Calendula Cream and I gave her my tube out of my handbag. Well, a week later.....the rash is gone! One happy father-in-law!!" -Cathy B.

  • "This is such an amazing healing product – have used in my family for itchy bites, chicken pox, blemishes, cuts, sunburn, cracked heels and as a handcream too! A product that works to heal and soothe unhappy and dry skin conditions, including eczema (seen and heard the results - it works a treat!). Worth a try if looking for a solution." - Julie O.