CT Color Maximizer 177ml

Products for SUNLESS Tanning: CT Color Maximizer 177ml

Color Maximizer by California Tan is a pre-tan quick-dry prep gel to be used immediately prior to a self-tan or spraytan application to prime your skin for darker self-tan colour and create enriched, hydrated, healthier skin.

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* CT Color Maximizer gel by California Tan is a Sunless Step 1 'Prepare' product
* Exeptional quick-dry gel formulation allows dripless application and instant hydration to prime skin for darker self-tan or spraytan colour results
* Protein-infused to balance skin functionality and provide longer-lasting tanning results
* Maximizes both sunless and UV tanning sessions
* Contains a unique combination of Ginseng and Gynostemma, known to increase skin respiration and to nourish and protect tanned skin

CT Color Maximizer Technology
Protein: Balances pH levl of your skin and primes it for longer-lasting self tan or spraytan results
Ginseng: Nourishes skin for a healthy look and feel
Gynostemma: Powerful antioxidant that protects skin for longer-lasting results

Size: 177ml Step: 1, Prepare
Fragrance: Fresh, sunny fragrance with notes of berry, musk and light woods