Total Rx Step 3 Burn Relief Gel 175ml Bottle

SPF Sun-Blocking Products: Total Rx Step 3 Burn Relief Gel 175ml Bottle
* "Total Rx" by California Tan
* A super-easy tan-saving burn-relieving Step 3 tan-extending gel product
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Best: If you're looking to extend and save your tan super-economically, and if you get caught out with sunburn.

Use it: After showering, post tanning sessions, or when you've had too much sun!

What is it?
- Step 3 tan extender
- Refreshingly light, soothing cool gel formula

What can it do for me?
- Condition and soothe skin while delivering relief with ultra-hydrating Aloe Vera and Cucumber
- Support skin recovery and minimize peeling with Calendula and Green Tea
- Infuse stressed skin with calming, revitalizing nutrients with Goji Berry and VitatanĀ®
- Ease discomfort of irritated, sensitive skin with Chamomile and Peppermint

Feel: Dry-touch, hydrating gel

Fragrance: Endless Summer with Cucumber and peppermint

Application: Apply Total Rx onto body and massage into skin after tanning, showering or when you've had too much sun.